Monday, August 9, 2010

Wrap up Art Show

Saturday and Sunday flew by with probably 150 or so people wandering in. More friends and family came as well. Barb Back president of Scarborough Choral appeared as well my older brother Peter who bought Dragon Fire. Many people were intrigued with Aurora Borealis, Poppy Bonfire, Whispering Birch, and the abstracts (with Chariots of Fire being the preferred one). Pat Wheeler the founding member of Markham Group of Artists dropped in with encouragement and a photo to give me from our spring juried show, as well as another member Bill. Close friends Paul and Carol Webb came just after the Markham Classic Car Show at the last minute on Saturday. Son Darcy and girlfriend Alissa were there on Sunday so I introduced them to Nigar and showed off her work. Taking down an exhibit goes much faster than installing. After that it was a quick dinner and drive to Haliburton, Ont. for my art course.

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