Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Paulette from Sudbury

This is the expressionistic work that I loved that Paulette did. The colours were more vibrant in person.

Irene + live model work

This day we worked from a live model.

Expressionism-- Landscapes

Here is John Lennard with Irene from Don Valley Art Club. Our expressionistic landscapes are in the background up high. Mine is the one with the large black rock. I call it Rock and Roll.


Impressionism -- wine bottles Haliburton School of the Arts

Impressionism bottles taught by John Lennard Aug. 2010

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Final Art Class

The last of anything is bittersweet. While I am anxious to see my family and home, I have enjoyed meeting many new people in the art community. Some of us were treated to a tour of the lithograph studio where John Lennard and wife Marilyn work during the summer months. They shared their work with us. I was very impressed with Marilyn's sculptures particularly the black sandstone sheep. They will be opening a studio and shop in Goodwood soon. In the afternoon we either completed some of our 4 works or started a fifth on our largest canvas, using our gray scale values in either impressionism or expressionism . I decided to do a landscape of a large tree with yellow sky and purple flowers in the foreground. I chose expressionism and got a good start on it. Then we had a critique by John of one of our works and I put up my Ontario landscape in analogous colours, using expressionism. To my great surprise John had nothing to say about any change or improvement to this piece. He told me to sign it, frame it and that he would be proud to have this hanging in his own house. High praise! The class gave me thumbs up and high fives. Maybe I will enter this in the fall show. I will upload some photos on Monday.The students shared their email addresses and one by one left.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Haliburton Day 4

Today we experimented with expressionism which is more aggressive with larger brush strokes, than impressionism. I quite liked it. We all tried a simple landscape using values and analagous colour schemes. In the afternoon we had a live model pose while we sketched in paint and then blocked in the shape. This is not an area that I have any experience in or enjoy, but I gave it a go and it wasn't half bad upon completion. I will post the photos I took on Monday. We then did the walkabout which was more of a drag about as I had been on my feet painting for two whole days. I am still drawn to the mosaics class. I went to the art auction but I was hungry and extremely tired so I left after a half hour. So here I am dear bloggers ready for bed at nine p m.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Impressionism Haliburton style

It is day 3 of Impressionism with John Lennard here at the Haliburton School of the Arts. The chairs are very old and very hard. Unfortunately my room is not air conditioned either. We are in Class from 9 until 4:30, taking notes and doing painting exercises.Yesterday we did a fall water rock scene and today a still life with bottle using the values and techniques that John taught us on Monday.There was a jazz singer after school today and in the evening I saw a great play in the school auditorium put on as part of the Highlands Festival. Tomorrow afternoon is the walk about where we get to visit the other classes and see the work they have been doing. At 7 p m there will be the art auction in the main campus building. The money raised by auctioning art by the teachers will be given as scholarships.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Wrap up Art Show

Saturday and Sunday flew by with probably 150 or so people wandering in. More friends and family came as well. Barb Back president of Scarborough Choral appeared as well my older brother Peter who bought Dragon Fire. Many people were intrigued with Aurora Borealis, Poppy Bonfire, Whispering Birch, and the abstracts (with Chariots of Fire being the preferred one). Pat Wheeler the founding member of Markham Group of Artists dropped in with encouragement and a photo to give me from our spring juried show, as well as another member Bill. Close friends Paul and Carol Webb came just after the Markham Classic Car Show at the last minute on Saturday. Son Darcy and girlfriend Alissa were there on Sunday so I introduced them to Nigar and showed off her work. Taking down an exhibit goes much faster than installing. After that it was a quick dinner and drive to Haliburton, Ont. for my art course.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Our Favourite Things ---The Movie

My son Tyler a graduate of Humber Print and Broadcast and intern at Roger's Sportsnet came with his camera to film our show on Friday. So I am hoping to be able to post the video here very soon.

Day 4

We have been so busy with visitors that at the end of each day just sitting is a pleasure. Friends, family and colleagues have been most supportive. I have talked with my Scarborough Choral friends: Judy, Sue, Susan, Barb and my Markham Little Theatre people: Michele, Terry,Angela,Ron and Margaret, as well as good friends Sue, Rolf,Merry, Richard,Carol, Ron, Linda, Paul,Bonnie, Pete,Marie and family members, Paul, David, Lindsey, Judy, Peter,Keith,Tyler and even Duffy made an appearance and was a big hit. I have been surprised by the many artists that come in to look around and chat about technique. Not only is it helpful to network with these artists but as usual we have shared tips on painting, framing or having a show. Both of us have had inquiries about commissions. So there is just one day of our show remaining and on the whole it has been a very positive experience one which I believe all artists should experience at least once. Even if you do not sell a painting you have learned a great deal, made connections as in email addresses and your business cards are now in the hands of many new patrons. I imagine that tomorrow Sunday will be equally as busy as today.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Muse

Here he comes to save the day...... The man with the fan. Thank goodness Canadian Tire was open late as it was stifling in there and Keith dashed out to buy a large fan. Looks like we dressed to match this one.

My favourites of Nigar

I love Zanzibar but unfortunately it was sold. The other one I love is Nepalese Lily and I am trying to get my sister in law to buy it and just redecorate.

Partners in Art--Too Damn Hot!

Here we are just before our official opening in the north room at the McKay. Boy our feet were tired at the end of the night. Keith saved the night by dashing out and buying a large fan. Too Damn Hot! In more ways than one.

Wild Blue Yonder day 1 art show

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nigar with her work

Here is Nigar with three pieces of her art on day one of our show.

Our Favourite Things Day 1

Here I am with Wild Blue Yonder my latest abstract and Pretty in Pinkish. We were very busy all day greeting art lovers who visited the gallery. Nigar and I think there were about 50-60 people.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

D Day Art Show

Well I think I finished everything! Last minute purchases were for guest books, decorative pens, candy and dish, and receipt book. Installation went like a breeze, much faster than I had anticipated assisted by my better half. I even had some time to help Nigar with her work; although she had many helpers so I was able to leave early. Both rooms look quite amazing all hung in small co ordinating groups. Both of us have a few abstracts but on the whole our art is unique. Nigar's is vibrant with dark frames and mine is bright but with lighter colours, even pastel.