Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 4

We have been so busy with visitors that at the end of each day just sitting is a pleasure. Friends, family and colleagues have been most supportive. I have talked with my Scarborough Choral friends: Judy, Sue, Susan, Barb and my Markham Little Theatre people: Michele, Terry,Angela,Ron and Margaret, as well as good friends Sue, Rolf,Merry, Richard,Carol, Ron, Linda, Paul,Bonnie, Pete,Marie and family members, Paul, David, Lindsey, Judy, Peter,Keith,Tyler and even Duffy made an appearance and was a big hit. I have been surprised by the many artists that come in to look around and chat about technique. Not only is it helpful to network with these artists but as usual we have shared tips on painting, framing or having a show. Both of us have had inquiries about commissions. So there is just one day of our show remaining and on the whole it has been a very positive experience one which I believe all artists should experience at least once. Even if you do not sell a painting you have learned a great deal, made connections as in email addresses and your business cards are now in the hands of many new patrons. I imagine that tomorrow Sunday will be equally as busy as today.

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  1. Hey Sal,
    Congratulations on the success of your show. Rolf and I truly enjoyed our visit on Thursday. Both you and Nigar have a lot of talent and we look forward to more exhibits in the future.
    All the best,
    Sue and Rolf.