Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sounds of Christmas concert

Well here we are during intermission of our latest concert at Markham Theatre this past weekend. Merry is on the left and I am on the right. The two concerts and the Homes for the Holidays Tour kept me too busy to paint for much of Nov. and Dec. 2010. I am hoping that Santa will remember to leave me some artistic gifts this year.

Studying and bullets.

Sounds like we are back in school but both activities are worthwhile for me as an artist. Sometimes a family member or fellow artist will catch me staring at one of my paintings that is in the process of being finished. I am actually studying my work to see if it has all of the elements of a good painting. Is it a good composition? Does it have any repetition or focal point? Where is the light? Is there any contrast? When I answer these questions at the end of a session I put down in bullet form any elements that I may need to adjust the following day. I also make note of which colours I have used or mixed to get this result which is especially helpful if I leave this particular painting for a few days.