Saturday, August 14, 2010

Final Art Class

The last of anything is bittersweet. While I am anxious to see my family and home, I have enjoyed meeting many new people in the art community. Some of us were treated to a tour of the lithograph studio where John Lennard and wife Marilyn work during the summer months. They shared their work with us. I was very impressed with Marilyn's sculptures particularly the black sandstone sheep. They will be opening a studio and shop in Goodwood soon. In the afternoon we either completed some of our 4 works or started a fifth on our largest canvas, using our gray scale values in either impressionism or expressionism . I decided to do a landscape of a large tree with yellow sky and purple flowers in the foreground. I chose expressionism and got a good start on it. Then we had a critique by John of one of our works and I put up my Ontario landscape in analogous colours, using expressionism. To my great surprise John had nothing to say about any change or improvement to this piece. He told me to sign it, frame it and that he would be proud to have this hanging in his own house. High praise! The class gave me thumbs up and high fives. Maybe I will enter this in the fall show. I will upload some photos on Monday.The students shared their email addresses and one by one left.

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