Monday, December 2, 2013

MGA Fall Show Little Treasures 2013

Here are two of my latest paintings finished in the late summer early fall 2013.
The first painting is completely acrylic with a limited palette of black/white/mauve/silver. I called this one Shangri-La. Does it give you any emotion? of what? let me know.
The turquoise/blue/gold one actually has some hints of rose in it as well. It is covered in resin as taught to me by Marilyn McKay of the MGA. That is why the flash shines on the surface somewhat. I called it Blue Lagoon. It came second at the Markham Fair this fall. I should have called it Turquoise Lagoon:) There is no brown in this painting. The bottom is dark navy blue. Picasa Photo program isn't that perfect at  reproducing colours accurately. You are really seeing the colours of the chair the painting is rested upon reflected off of the resin finish.Both paintings are much better (IMHO) in real life as you are not seeing the gold and silver accents on the computer screen.

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