Thursday, October 14, 2010


"If you put off everything till you're sure of it, you'll never get anything done." Norman Vincent Peale. I was telling my little art group this week that even though I want to paint I seem to put it off with any little excuse. I have many ideas about what to paint and what pallatte to choose for it but find myself putting off the actual beginning of each painting. I wonder if that is a sign of being a perfectionist. Once I do start a project and actually put paint to canvas I so enjoy the first sitting or two, splashing the colours freely onto the support. Then about the third or fourth attack I really have to push myself to begin. I think it may be that for the first or second session there is no pressure to complete anything. I know I am there to experiment and have fun. But after that the next few sessions are all about fixing errors and putting the finishing touches to the work and I feel that it is more like work. At that point, it really had better look like something or I may even have to scrap it and start all over.

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