Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tandem Painting

No I don't mean a dip tic; I am referring to the practise of working on two or more separate paintings at a time. I find this useful for me as I need to step back from a work for a few hours or days to assess what I have accomplished and where it needs to go next. Presently, I am working on three paintings, two of which I will post very soon. One is a rooster awakening to a sunny sky and the other is my impression of three reddish orange poppies. The third painting that I will continue to work on is the smaller abstract from the fusion workshop. It has already had three or four versions. I have changed the palette from the original pale blue/green/pink/coral/white to pale blue/green/white/sand/pale yellow green. I want to create more fluidity in it now.

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