Monday, April 27, 2020

Guess who?

I had wanted to try my hand at painting a bear for a long time. So here he is. He has just heard you and looked up.

My first portrait.

This was started in a workshop with an ochre underpainting.

Different types of trees

Both are abstracted but the more stylistic top one is done on aluminum and can be placed outdoors. It will rust more outside for a unique finished look.

Ruffles and Scales

More pours

More Pouring

Two more record pours and a friend. What do you see in the middle one?

Forest Song

This was done in 2018

Acrylic Pouring

This is just a sample of the pouring technique. The round one is done on an old vinyl record. Some are done with ink and others with a variety of paints. The mixture always includes a pouring medium or a flow enhancer. The end product is always a surprise.